reLink reTooled

Introducing reLink reTooled, the first workflow tool from  reLink reTooled allows editors to relink and reconform their timeline without worrying about matching clip names or even durations.  Using advanced relinking options typically only found in high end finishing software, reLink reTooled allows you to take your offline timeline and relink it to material of different durations, file names, & even resolutions.

Features Include:

  • Use the QuickTime codec of your choice for your final online media. We will consider expanding to other file types as well.
  • Uses industry standard XML allowing interchange between some of the most common editorial and color correction tools.
  • Compatible with Apple Final Cut Pro 7 (and earlier) & Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Relinks based only on the material used in your timeline.
  • Doesn’t need clip duration to match to relink the material.  Allowing for easy offline/online workflows.
  • Allows for two different sets of relinking criteria to account for different types of source material.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.6 – 10.8. We currently DO NOT SUPPORT MAVERICKS 10.9.
  • Can relink based on any combination of the following metadata properties.
    • Timecode
    • Resolution
    • Frame Rate
    • File Name – Full Match or Partial Matches
    • Tape / Reel Name – Full Match or Partial Matches

The applications of reLink reTooled are endless, from proxy workflows to relinking your timeline to your final color correction. Our software allows you to use various combinations of metadata found within your clips instead of just the file names typically allowed by systems like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.  Using industry standard xml, the software allows you to keep your timeline in tact, from filters, to position, scale and other changes. Anything carried through into an xml will be maintained in your relinked timeline.

Check out our video on reLink reTooled here:


You can purchase reLink reTooled for $39.99.


Mac & Windows Versions Now Available




*Note each license is valid on one computer, but the product can be deactivated and moved to another system a total of five times.

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